Have you come in search of someone who can write you easy to read, engaging blogs and content? Or are you looking for somebody who can take photographs that will draw clients to your product? Or, just maybe, you need both but don’t know where to find somebody who can offer you the full package? Well, welcome to my site.

I have a medical background and can offer well researched, accurate medical blogs, article & content writing. I also specialise in autism and mental health. I love macro and street photography. HOWEVER, I am very versatile and happy to work on other subjects, genres or content and, more importantly, will always push the limits and boundaries of what I can do to provide the best possible content and services. Please feel free to explore the site.


My work and special interests

  • Autism blogging
  • Mental health blogging
  • Chronic illness blogging
  • A humour blog about a mischievous labrador who happens to live at my house
  • Article & Content Writing
  • Street photography
  • Macro photography
  • Pet photography (to follow)
  • Photo editing and blending
  • Art prints (to follow)
  • Page poetry
  • Performance poetry


You can email me at thebeaniebard@gmail.com or find me at my Facebook page. I am also on Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Deviant Art under ‘the beanie bard’ so I am very easy to locate and keep in touch with if you are looking for help with photography or article and content writing

TBB 2019